Clear Mindset – Free Five Fridays

Ladies and Gents,

You have spoken and we have listened. Starting from this Friday (10th July 2020), Clear Mindset will be offering Free Five Fridays to those that need guidance/support. So what is that I hear you ask?

It goes something like this:
– FREE over the phone consultation;
– For 5 minutes (on a related topic of your choice);
– Every Fridays between 12-1pm.

How good is that!

Bookings are not required – First in First served. You can remain anonymous and (it goes without saying) your conversation (with our Principle psychologist) remains confidential.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact Clear Mindset on (02) 9533 6737.

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Team at Clear Mindset
Compassion, Empowering, Supportive