Clear Mindset is a provider of psychological services to children, adolescents, adults etc. (essentially all ages). At Clear Mindset we motivate and empower our clients, to overcome challenges, to reach their full potential.

Clear Mindset is committed to providing the highest standard of psychological services, to our clients, that draws from evidence-based practice coupled with experience and knowledge.

Clear Mindset has a dedicated team of experienced psychologists, representing a broad range of knowledge. Our team can provide you with practical, effective and confidential support to deal with various behavioural, emotional or performance issues.


Clear Mindset is committed to providing services that meets the unique needs of children, adolescents, adults etc. (essentially all ages). Our team of psychologists are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

We pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable and professional service. We adopt a wide range of evidence based practice combined with experience through real life settings. This includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Systemic Therapy, Play Therapy etc.

Our Objectives

The objectives of Clear Mindset are to provide:
– Sound solutions which meet the customers requirements;
– Solutions which are safe and reliable;
– A one stop shop for all its customers;
– A benchmark organisation/platform for our services;
– A multi-disciplinary organisation; and
– Customer focused solutions.

Our Values

At Clear Mindset we value:
– Sound business ethics and morals;
– Leadership, initiative, being proactive and commitment from employees;
– Exceptional customer service;
– Satisfied customers;
– Compassion, Empowering, Supportive; and
– An honest and fair working environment.

Our Expertise:

– Anxiety and depression;
– Behavioural difficulties;
– Trauma, Grief and Loss;
– Learning and Attention problems;
– Sleep problems;
– Bullying and Social Problems;
– Social skills and communication difficulties;
– Support for persons/families with developmental disabilities;
– Cognitive assessments;
– and many more…


We provide a comprehensive range of psychological services. Namely across counseling, assessments, behaviour support and group programs.

Our Services:
– Comprehensive behavioural and emotional assessments;
– Psychological counselling for children, adolescents, adults etc. (essentially all ages);
– Play based and child-friendly therapies;
– Behaviour management consultation and parenting education;
– Group programs for children, adolescents and parents;
– Mentoring/coaching etc.

For further details, please click on the following:

Behaviour Support
Group Programs


Clear Mindset – Take Care of yourself this Christmas

The silly season is upon us once again. Finding ways, to take care of yourself, is extremely important – Particularly around this time of year. As per usual, we (@Clearmindset) can coach/mentor/help you on (02) 9533 6737 Feel free to Share-Like-Comment Team at Clear MindsetCompassion, Empowering, Supportive

Clear Mindset – Empathetic

A mum that understands and relates to their child’s feelings (i.e. empathy), will realise many benefits. Some of these being – trust and respect, collaboration, reduced tension and stress etc. This concludes our “being a great mum” instalment series and we sincerely hope that you have gained some value. When things get tough, feel free …

Clear Mindset – Supportive

Did you know that great mums are supportive? This means having your child’s best interests at heart but also being present, involved and helpful. As per usual, we (@Clearmindset) can coach/mentor/help you on (02) 9533 6737 Feel free to Share-Like-Comment Team at Clear MindsetCompassion, Empowering, Supportive


Address: 172 Belmore Road North Riverwood NSW 2210
Postal:   Po Box 19, NARWEE NSW 2209
Phone:  +61 2 9533 6737
Email: enquiries@clearmindset.com.au

Business Hours
Monday to Friday:  8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday:  8:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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